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Leila Kaddatz

Live a life in self-confidence

Yousef Hammoudah

Reduce anxiety and panic

Sherina Sham

Become Emotionally Bulletproof

Jana Reichelt

Reduce stress and become resilent

Hanna Blum

Live in healthy relationships

Transform the way you navigate mental challenges and obstacles and become your personal coach by accessing science-based on-demand video and audio lessons.

14 min

Eva Kaczor

Finding fulfilment and meaning


30 min

Yousef H.

Burnout - what is it exactly?


10 min

Julia Braun

Why sleep is important for our psyche


21 min

Alicia Petz

The law of attraction in relationships


9 min

Adrian Göldner

Inner calm in stressful situations


12 min

Sherina Sham

How our body reacts during panic attacks


12 min

Leila Kaddatz

Finding Your Authentic Voice and self-love


Tired of meditation and yoga apps? Our psychologists teach you what you would otherwise only learn in a psychology university course. Menta provides this knowledge free and available at any time for you.

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Live event


Staying calm and strong under


Live event


How does our brain deal with anxiety?


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“I like meditation, but this is way better to change sustainable your lifestyle. I learned many things about the origins of my false beliefs and now I became a more conscious person about my thoughts and feelings during a normal day.''


“I always wanted to study psychology, but then I didn't. However, I have always been interested in it and with Menta I am now learning a lot of solid knowledge so that I can not only apply it to myself, but also be a support to my friends.''



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